EU Budget

European Union Budget The European Union budget is drawn up on an annual basis and charts the Community’s income and expenditure. The Community budget for 2004 amounts to around EUR 112 billion, 45% of which is allocated to the Common Agricultural Policy and 34% to regional policy. This sum represents less than 1% of the … Read more

Official Documents

Official Documents in Europe Official Documents and Press Freedom in Sweden In the Swedish Constitution: The Freedom of the Press Act (SFS nr: 1949:105) In addition to the Instrument of Government, Sweden has three fundamental laws (Sveriges Grundlagar): the Act of Succession, the Freedom of the Press Act, which covers the the public nature of … Read more


Roads The European Union’s roadworthiness package was agreed and published as 3 separate directives in the Official Journal of the European Union: 2014/45/EU Periodic Technical Inspection (our MOT or annual test). 2014/46/EU Registration Documents for Vehicles. 2014/47/EU Technical Roadside Inspections. Although the 3 directives came in to force on 20 May 2014, they have implementation … Read more


Trailer Trailer Certification Historically, some European Member States may have operated their own set of national requirements for trailers. However, Directive 2007/46/EC, as amended, introduced a European wide certification scheme for these vehicles, which is currently being phased in. Existing national arrangements will apply until the corresponding application dates. Automotive EC Directives require third party … Read more

Prescription Charges in Austria

Prescription Charges in Austria Background Health care in Austria is based around a compulsory social insurance system with contributions from employees and employers. The system covers 99% of Austrians, with 74% actually making payments, and 25% being co-insured spouses, children and other dependants. The remaining 1% is covered by institutions caring for the sick. The … Read more

Prescription Charges

Prescription Charges in Europe Pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement policies Background In the EU, pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement remains the competence of the Member States. While all EU Member States have to comply with the rules of the Transparency Directive which aims at guaranteeing pricing and reimbursement decisions to be taken in a transparent way within … Read more