EU Budget

European Union Budget The European Union budget is drawn up on an annual basis and charts the Community’s income and expenditure. The Community budget for 2004 amounts to around EUR 112 billion, 45% of which is allocated to the Common Agricultural Policy and 34% to regional policy. This sum represents less than 1% of the … Read more


Hedging in Europe Hedging (in Finance) In this field, Hedging means the following: Market participants hedging their positions means that they are trying to balance out the risks by, for example spreading investments on different sectors or using futures contracts (see derivatives) to decrease […]


Commodity in Europe Commodity (in Finance) In this field, Commodity means the following: Products that are perfect (or close to perfect) substitutes to each other, like for example wheat, cotton and crude oil. In order for the products to be trades as commodities on the financial markets there […]


Derivative in Europe Derivative (in Finance) In this field, Derivative means the following: Derivatives can be formed as futures contracts, option contracts, swap agreements etc. The price of a derivative is dependent on an underlying asset. Derivatives create a market for the risk of an […]


Volatility in Europe Volatility (in Finance) In this field, Volatility means the following: Volatility measures the financial stability of a product. Higher volatility means higher variations in price and is synonymous with higher risk. Higher volatility leads to higher insecurity in the […]