Notaries in Austria

Notaries in Austria Legal Framework The profession of Notaries in Austria Austrian notaries, like many of their European counter parts on the continent, belong to the “latin-type” of the notarial profession, often referred to as the “civil law notary”. This means that they are independent professionals who advise private parties and draft contracts on their … Read more

Notaries in Germany

Notaries in Germany Professional activities Reserved activities he recording of a statement made before the official in the form required by the law; authentication; all recordings of declarations of intent or contracts that are to become official documents. Professional titles These are Notar (men) and Notarin (women) (ยง 2 BNotO). Advertising/Publicity The prohibition of advertising … Read more

Exchange of Lawyers

Exchange of Lawyers in Europe Advantages and Recomendations Study of national law Although Europe moves towards a tighter single market for goods and services, law still differs from country to country, from region to region, each country keepings its own autonomy. Europe still comprises several legal systems. In this new environment, the legal practitioner has … Read more

Transnational Mobility of Lawyers

Transnational Mobility of Lawyers The transnational mobility of lawyers is important for several reasons. For those involved in it, the experience represents first-hand contact with a different legal system in which approaches to providing legal services, as well as its methodologies and organisation, may differ. It is a unique opportunity for foreign lawyers to reflect … Read more

Lawyers in Sweden

Lawyers in Sweden Legal Professionals Types of Lawyer There is only one type of “official” lawyer in Sweden, the Advokat. Advokater have no solid monopoly, except for their title. They can be appointed as public defenders, but there are some exceptions allowing others this right too. There are approximately 2,850 Advokater, roughly one thousand of … Read more

Lawyers in Luxembourg

Lawyers in Luxembourg Legal Professionals Types of Lawyer Avocat (advocate) The full title of an avocat used to be more correctly called an AVOCAT-AVOUE. A further distinction is made between the fully qualified AVOCAT, who is styled AVOCAT INSCRIT (on List I) as compared with the trainee lawyer (AVOCAT-STAGIAIRE ) (found on List II). This … Read more

Lawyers in Belgium

Lawyers in Belgium Legal Professionals Types of Lawyer They are: Avocat (advocate/lawyer): The avocat practices in all areas of legal work. Only avocats have the right to plead in court, with a small number of statutory exceptions. They give legal advice and represent clients before tribunals. A defendant may represent himself, or with the permission … Read more