Category: Legal Resources

  • Wikipedia in the Courtroom

    Wikipedia in the Courtroom in Europe Is Wikipedia a reference in the courtroom? Most judges probably would never cite to a Wikipedia article in a court document, and they would not even reference Wikipedia to a Lawyer who provided them with a research assignment at work. But some judges may […]

  • European Caselaw Databases

    JURE, a database created by the European Commission, contains case law on jurisdiction in civil and commercial matters and on the recognition and enforcement of judgments in a State other than the one where the judgment was passed. This includes case law on relevant international […]

  • Topic Maps in the Encyclopedia of Law

    A topic map is a set of topics and associations between them. The set drives navigational and analytical tools. Thus, topic maps may be seen as a generalized way of implementing indexes, glossaries, thesauri, taxonomies, ontologies, and other systems of creating, collecting, curating, and […]

  • A Concise Encyclopedia of the United Nations

    A Concise Encyclopedia of the United Nations in Europe Details of A Concise Encyclopedia of the United Nations Author: Volger, Helmut, editor. Publication details: New York: Kluwer Law International, 2002. Preface by Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations Review […]

  • Cataloging for legal materials

    Cataloging of law materials in Europe For the most part, the basic materials in a law library may be found by means of publishers’ indexes and digests, Separate access to them through a catalog, therefore, is unnecessary. Many libraries find that statutes, administrative regulations and […]

  • UK Case citators

    Comprehensive case citators published in the UK In hardcopy (print): Current Law Case Citator (Sweet & Maxwell) The Digest (LexisNexis Butterworths) Online: Lawcite (hosted by AustLII – Westlaw UK (Sweet & Maxwell) – Case […]

  • Lexis´ Case Search

    Lexis´ Case Search in Europe UK and European Digest CaseSearch is an online case citator. It allows you to track the history of a case, finding out how the decision has been applied in subsequent cases. It is updated daily and provides procedural history, annotations, keywords and summaries. […]

  • Print Vs. Online Encyclopedias

    Print Vs. Online Encyclopedias for legal research in Europe In a study conducted with students (some of them with learning handicaps) which compared subjects’ abilities to use print and online encyclopedias, Dave L. Edyburn found that an online encyclopedia (with menus) was superior to a […]

  • KeySearch

    KeySearch in Europe What Is KeySearch? KeySearch is a research tool that helps the researcher to find cases and secondary sources; a feature which allows the legal researcher to use pre-packaged searches designed by Westlaw researchers for many legal topics. According to the publisher […]

  • Sociological Abstracts

    Sociological Abstracts in Europe Index Database details: San Diego, CA: Sociological Abstracts, Inc., 1957-. Six times per year. Sociological Abstracts Review According to “Introduction to Research in International Law, Research Guide” (see Further Reading), this database is international […]