Qualified Majority Voting

Qualified Majority Voting in Europe Description of Qualified majority voting (QMV) The Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union describes qualified majority voting (qmv) in the following terms: [1] Designed by the Treaty of Rome to be the principal method of reaching decisions in the […]

Qualification Directive

Qualification Directive in Europe Qualification Directive in the Context of Asylum Law A component of the Common European Asylum System. It establishes common grounds to grant international protection and therefore refers to both refugee status and subsidiary protection. The original directive […]

Banana War

Banana War in Europe Description of Banana war The Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union describes banana war in the following terms: [1] The EU gives advantageous trade terms to banana growers in the former dependencies (mainly in the Caribbean) of its member states. In the late […]

Quality of Services

Quality of Services in Europe Policy on quality of services in relation to the E.U. Services Directive The following is an examination of policy on quality of services regarding the European Union Servicies Directive [1]: Policy on quality of services: Quality of Services Article 26 […]