History of Roman Law

History of Roman Law or a while in their enthusiasm men might be content to study for its own sake this record of human wisdom, of almost superhuman wisdom, so it must have seemed to them. But it soon became plain that in England there would be no court administering Roman law, unless it were … Read more


A term of Roman law used to express the acquisition of property by an addition to former property, due to an accidental circumstance. If, for instance, a plot of land on the bank of a river was increased by the gradual deposit of earth on the bank, the property in the new piece of land was […]


Aediles in Europe In accordance to the Cambridge Dictionary of Classical Civilization: Originally (494 BC), two PLEBEIAN MAGISTRATES in charge of the TEMPLE (aedis) where ARCHIVES recording concessions made by PATRICIANS were kept. By the time plebeians had access to the highest […]

Patristic Literature

Patristic Literature in Europe Patristic Literature. New Testament Resources Further Reading BALI., W. E. 1901, Paul and the Roman law. Edinburgh, Clark. BECK, A. 1930. Rumisches Recht bei Tertullian und Cyprian. Schriften der Kiinigsberger Gelehrten Gesellschaft, 2. Halle, […]

Roman Law Reference Works

Roman Law Reference Works in Europe ENCYCLOPEDIAS, DICTIONARIES, VOCABULARIES AMBROSINO, R. 1942. Vocabularium Institutiwum justiniani. Milan, Giuffri. BORTOLUCCI, G. 1906. Index verborum Graecorum quae in Institutionibus et Digestis occurrunt. AG 76: 353-396. DAREMBERG, C., […]

Roman Law Bibliography Works

Roman Law Bibliography Works in Europe ARANGIO-RUIZ, V. 1948. Diritto romano e papirologia giuridica. Doxa 1: 97, 193. BERGER,A., and A. A. SCHILLER. 1945, 1947. Bibliography of Anglo-American studies in Roman Law, etc. .Ycm 3 : 75-94, for 1939-1945 ; 5 : 62-85, for 1945-1947. […]