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  • Year

    Definition of Year A year consists of twelve calendar months ; that is, 365 days in ordinary years, and 366 days in leap-year. (1) The historical year has for a very long period begun on January 1. (2) THe civil, ecclesiastical and legal year, used by the Church and in all public instruments, […]

  • Year Books

    Definition of Year Books A series of reports of cases written in the AngloNorman language, commencing in the thirteenth century and extant either in manuscript copies or in print from 1290 to 1535 with very few gaps. It is generally agreed that they were notes of cases taken by apprentices to […]

  • Yeoman

    Definition of Yeoman He that hath free land of forty shillings by the year: who was anciently thereby qualified to serve on juries, vote for knights of the shire, and do any other act where the law requires (Blackstone) Browse You might be interested in these references tools: […]