Avoidance in Europe Definition of Avoidance

Setting aside or avoiding or vacating. A bond is said to be conditioned for avoidance when it contains a condition providing that it shall be void on a certain event

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Void in Europe Definition of Void

Of no legal effect. Unenforceable at law, e.g., an agreement for an immoral consideration. But when an unlawful contract has been executed, money paid either in consideration or performance of the contract cannot be recovered back. If a contract or deed […]


Probate in Europe Definition of Probate

A certificate granted by the Probate Division of the High Court of Justice to the effect that the will of a certain person has been proved and registered in the Court and that administration of his effects has been granted to the executor proving […]


Voidable in Europe Definition of Voidable

An agreement or other act which either of the parties to it is entitled to rescind, and which until that happens, has full legal effect; e.g. a case of fraud or mistake in a contract

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Forum in Europe Definition of Forum

A place ; a Court

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