Refugee Convention

Refugee Convention in Europe Refugee Convention in the Context of Asylum Law The full title is the Refugee Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. It was passed in 1951 and amended by a Protocol in 1967. It is the overriding document establishing the rights of refugees. Resources See […]

Reasoned Opinion

Reasoned Opinion in Europe Description of Reasoned Opinion The Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union describes reasoned opinion in the following terms: [1] A paper in which the Commission sets out why it considers that a member state is in violation of an EU obligation, as a […]


Retention in Europe Retention of Ownership Device (in European Private Law) In this context, this may be a concept of the term: There is a retention of ownership device when ownership is retained by the owner of supplied assets in order to secure a right to performance of an obligation. […]

Requirements for A Valid Will

Requirements for A Valid Will in Europe Most Popular Entries related to Requirements for a Valid Will Types of Trusts (in Europe) Living Trusts (in Europe) Revocable Trusts (in Europe) Business Trusts (in Europe) Irrevocable Trust (in Europe) Probate (in Europe) Probate Definition (in […]